Russified Text Adventure Developing System



Latest interpreter (1 Mb v.2.5.10 for Windows)

Author's toolkit (IDE, debugger, interpreter, compiler) ~2,3 Mb

Latest versions of all needed soft for various platforms.

Russification components

Russificated standard TADS libraries release 23 - 90Kb


Library for internal hint system. Author - GrAnd(Andrey Grankin).

Translation of Stephen Granade's library for in-game menu.

Library for CYOA. Based on the Stephan Granade's work.


Tutorial: Step-by-step creating of puzzle «About wolf, goat and cabbage»

Source of tutorial game «3 bears» v0.995b. Old and buggy. Don't study with it :)

Source of unfinished "Aayela" translation. All persons wishing to finish it are welcome.


Generator v 0.8.7b - 59 Kb (last mod. 16.11.03)
Program for automated creating of RTADS code for game objects. There is need in it, because of grammar cases in the Russian language. Author should write six times more words for object's short description and lexems (nouns, adjectives). Also author should set the right gender for each object. So such tool saves a lot of time. Author - GrAnd.

CaseGen v 5.2b -32 Kb (Last mod. 19.01.03)
Variations on the theme of generator. Author - Fighter(Alexey Salihov).

TADS conf file for Aditor
Highlight and tag set for Aditor editor. Author - Stas Starkov.

Configuration file for UltraEdit
Author - Boroda(Dmitry Smirnov).

Colorer configuration for editor in FAR.
Author - Zverik(Ilya Zverev).

Many other TADS tools, utilities and code samples you can find at this directory of IF-archive

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