RTADS: Russified Text Adventure Development System

This is a site of Russian version of the TADS2 libraries. The official site of system is located at TADS.ORG.
The reason for this section and "org" domain name is a desire to integrate the Russian IF community into the international mainstream.

As it is appeares, IF genre is very interesting for people who want to learn foreign languages. We know of such people and it would be nice to see more of them. We would also be happy to find people, who could help to translate games into English. If you are interested, you can find some information below.

About Russian community:

The role of R*IF in the Russian IF community is carried out by forum on the taplap.ru(Opus&Lapsus) site. This ironical name bears the spirit of the early stage of Russian IF development, which seems to go in past. The site contains links to all major Russian IF development systems, lots of reviews and articles. Some of them are original; some were translated from SPAG, XYZZYnews and other sources. File archive contains some early games with self-made parsers. Mostly bad, but some good enough to finish them.
Alas, it doesn't have an English version, so you should know Russian or use a translation service.

At present moment, Russian IF is formed by four major developing systems:
URQ (Universal RipSoft Quest) developed by few authors, while Victor Koryanov made the greatest contribution. It is the advanced CYOA system, easy to learn and develop, the oldest and the most popular development system in Russian IF.

RTADS (Russified Text Adventure Development System) by Andrey Grankin. Translated in 2002, it has a lot of translated help files and few games. The quantity of game authors (alas, only one game was finished) is growing, some of them are coming from URQ community.

RInform (Russified Inform) - doesn't have an official site, but the author (D. Gayev) usually puts out links to files on Taplap.ru forum. Search for vixterm.narod.ru on site, and you'd find it. Also it could be found in IF-ARCHIVE (Version 6/11).
File with libraries including few translated games (Adventure, Alice, Ruins).

Adrift with Russian template file. Awful quality, lot of bugs, and lot of problems. They really need help to overcome it. Nevertheless some relatively good games were created.
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